Egg retrieval recovery And how much time take IVF

Egg retrieval recovery
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Egg retrieval recovery And how much time take IVF

Egg retrieval recovery and How IVF works. Before knowing this, we know about some reasons for this problem. Friends, today’s life is very competitive and the race is full. Everyone wants to overtake each other at this time. But by being blind in this part race we make our health and future just black. Now everything is available before time or even for a short time. Because of the importance of time has come to an end.

We need everything according to our own. Bay seasonal fruit, crop and now we change the weather also. We summer. A heated heater (HEATER) has become habitual in AC and sunshine. By eating unseasonal fruits and vegetables such as pesticides and pesticides, and worrying about their careers. perhaps due to this compatibility, we have lost a lot of our many things. Due to the life of this part race today’s sterility in women i.e. the Egg retrieval recovery

The number of problems for egg being not properly developed and impotency in men is increasing day by day. But along with our science has made a lot of progress. There is nothing to panic or worry because now you can take advantage of the services of artificial pregnancy.

What is (IVF) artificial pregnancy

To get artificially fertilized the sperm of the male without any sex is transmitted to the woman’s uterus. And this work is done mainly for the problem of not having a child. It is used for reproduction in infertility and impotence. And this verb is called Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) in English. There are many functions of artificial pregnancy in such women such as: –

1 Intracervical insemination

2 intrauterine insemination

3 intrauterine subperitoneal insemination

4 intratubal insemination

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It is not only in women that there is a problem of sterility or Egg retrieval recovery but this problem can occur in men too. Like many times men’s sperms lack the sperm! Or there can be many reasons for the woman’s uterus not being properly developed or the recovery of the egg! But artificial insemination can be done with (IVF) and the children and the wife can become parents. Now about the right time for pregnancy

How does the Egg retrieval recovery

In order to do this method correctly. Many medicines are given to the woman so that the size of fallopian tubes and other arrangements are normalized. And by doing this the Egg retrieval recovery is also done and the eggs begin to grow in more quantity. And an ultrasound and blood test are done to keep observation on this process. By which it is known that at what time and on which day the egg comes out. So that the sperm can be inserted into the uterus at the same time and this method (Follicular meeting) is also called the follicular verb.

Once your ovary produces enough whole eggs then the doctor removes the egg from your body (it is said to be Egg retrieval recovery). Egg retrieves from a small operation. And all this work is done in the supervision of an export. After about 3-5 days of Egg retrieval recovery one or more embryos are inserted into your uterus (this is called embryo transfer). The export doctor slides a thin tube into your uterus and through this tube, the embryo is inserted directly into your uterus.

How much time to get Egg retrieval recovery and IVF

IVF is accomplished through many stages. because Egg retrieval recovery takes a lot of time. And to complete this process takes several months. Sometimes IVF works only for the first time. And many times women have to try one or more times to get pregnant. If you have breeding problems then IVF definitely increases your pregnancy prospects. But there is no guarantee. Because every woman and the man’s physical disability is different. And this verb does not work for everybody and along with it is also very expensive.

After this process, You’ll know the results of the egg retrieval process right away.

Before you leave the office working, the team will let you know how many eggs were retrieved, and moved to embryology lab. Then within 24 hours of your egg retrieval process. They ll, call to let you know many of your eggs were ultimately frozen. Typically about 75% of eggs retrieved are deemed mature. Normal and suitable for freezing. More information about pregnancy-induced hypertension 

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